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Robotic Mobile Disinfection

Smart, intelligent and fully robotic device that self-drives a mapped route for powerful, near perfect UVC exposure that virtually eradicates bacteria, pathogens and microbes to a clinical level.

Robotic Mobile Disinfection

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A revolutionary new standard of disinfection for any space, place or venue from an airport lounge, airport baggage areas, through to a kindergartens,  gymnasiums, aged care homes, supermarkets and hotels- not to mention hospitals, infection wards, operating theaters and surgeries.

In partnership with IC Disinfection (Australia),  PBI Ultra is proud to bring this intelligent and ground-breaking robotic solution as the New Zealand agent.  The UVD Robot was designed in Denmark to the exacting specifications of the Danish Government, and is manufactured by UVD Robots ApS which is part of Blue Ocean Robotics, Denmark. 

UVD Robots philosophy is centered around integrating proven UV germicidal industrial solutions with new advanced robot technologies creating innovative products helping the healthcare industry in the eradication of harmful pathogens and superbugs, thereby making healthcare environments safer and improving quality of care for hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world.

Robots are safe, reliable and efficient,  eliminating human error. Our UVC Robot is user friendly and is designed to be operated by every-day cleaning staff, and can safety disinfect environments where risk of contamination makes it unsafe for people to venture.


Watch as a UVC Robot Disinfects a Hotel Room


Safety with assurance; bringing the power of light & air to the places you work, live, and play.

By understanding your challenges we can design & provide next-generation disinfection solutions with proven UVC and NTP technologies for any scale. Talk to us today.




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