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People Safe Far UVC

Breakthrough technology utilizing far-UVC which is safe for human exposure yet proves fatal to pathogens by penetrating and inactivating viruses and bacteria.

People Safe Far UVC

Studies* over 10 years indicate no harm to humans from continuous low dosages of 222 nanometer, far-UVC light. Yet the source effectively inactivates over 90% of contaminants in the air and on surfaces, based on the intensity and brief exposure time as described for each product. 

"Far-UVC light has the potential to be a 'game changer.' ... It can be safely used in occupied public spaces, and it kills pathogens in the air before we can breathe them in." - Dr. David Brenner, Ph.D., D.Sc., Columbia University professor of radiation biophysics and leading researcher of Far-UVC light.



Far-UVC 222 lamps can disinfect at the 'edge' of occupied indoor spaces and greatly reduce the level of airborne coronaviruses; traditional UVC lamps are only safe to use in unoccupied indoor spaces. Position this people-friendly and safe version of far-UVC around any high traffic areas or critical entry points, to significantly reduce infection transmission rates- on the air that you breathe, on the surfaces you touch.  Let us help you design safe and healthy indoor environments. 

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Light sanitizing- now that's smart. A first line of defense, provide your staff, clients and visitors with the peace of mind that as they enter your space, they have been decontaminated from air & surface contagions which are swirling around and have collected while out doing business, shopping, travelling or visiting clients. Position...


Reducing the spread of infection is now as simple as a flip of a light switch!The Cleanse Downlight is a passive and continuous method to sanitize air and surfaces in occupied spaces. Equipped with a Far-UVC source, the Downlight delivers 222 nanometer light to inactivate microbes; the reduction achieved is dependent on the type of...


Brilliant technology combining LED white light with safe-UVC functionality for smart sanitization solutions-  reducing the spread of infection is now as simple as a flip of a light switch! The Cleanse Cylinder provides passive and ongoing sanitization of air and surfaces for occupied spaces, in addition to comfortable illumination.



Continuous Air and Surface Sanitization, automatically without disrupting flows.

The Cleanse Cylinder Surface provides passive and ongoing sanitization of air and surfaces for occupied spaces, in addition to comfortable illumination. Equipped with a Far-UVC source, delivering 222 nanometer light to inactivate microbes. Scientific data...


The Cleanse Tower Tunnel ensures that anyone passing through is adequately cleansed with safe-UVC light while walking into a  venue or building. Far-UVC emitters spaced at the appropriate intervals are located along the Tower Tunnel walkway, based on typical walking pace and calculated dosage requirements. Designed specially for...


Safety with assurance; bringing the power of light & air to the places you work, live, and play.

By understanding your challenges we can design & provide next-generation disinfection solutions with proven UVC and NTP technologies for any scale. Talk to us today.




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