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HVAC Integration

The benefits of using germicidal UV are two-pronged: clean, healthier air in your building and a cleaner, healthier HVAC system (which means less maintenance, odors, and an overall longer-lasting system)

HVAC Integration

For improvement of indoor air quality,  germicidal UVC can help disinfect at the source of germs, which is typically coils or drain pans. It can greatly reduce the threat of pathogens entering the building through the HVAC system.

Germicidal UV fixtures not only clean your system, they improve the heat exchange efficiency. That means your energy costs are going down. Reduce maintenance with germicidal UVC as a source of constant maintenance for your HVAC system. Instead of having to constantly pressure wash or clean equipment, germicidal UV constantly cleans disinfects, leading to less mold build-up.

With no harsh chemicals, you can stop using those bleach tablets in your drain pans as germicidal UVC can replace or reduce the use of harsh chemicals. Plus, you can enter a room immediately after the products are turned off- no need to wait for harsh chemicals to dissipate.

Healthier staff, clients, customers, patrons and patients equals less down time, greater productivity as well as the assurance of a healthy, safe environment to work and play.




Safety with assurance; bringing the power of light & air to the places you work, live, and play.

By understanding your challenges we can design & provide next-generation disinfection solutions with proven UVC and NTP technologies for any scale. Talk to us today.




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