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Air Purify & Sanitize

Safe, healthy Air sanitization is ideal for occupied spaces, using HEPA filters and UVC light to purify the air, inactivate pathogens, and decrease contamination.

Air Purify & Sanitize

Air pollution in confined spaces is an important public health issue, with significant social and economic implications. The high concentration of contaminants in such environments has a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of people, especially in case of long periods of exposure. Now you can have clean, healthy air for any environment with UVC air sanitization products.

Wall or ceiling mounted air purification units can be safely operated 24/7 without any risk of exposure since the UV-C light is completely confined within the device, ensuring the complete safety of any people and pets that are present.

Quiet internal fans draws the air from the room into a germicidal box for disinfection and purification from microbes and chemical contaminants, which the air is then introduced back into the environment without contaminants. HEPA filters further reduce airborne particles, further filtering against airborne contaminations in any area where a lot of people are present, and in crowded rooms.

Healthier staff, clients, customers, patrons and patients equals less down time, greater productivity as well as the assurance of a healthy, safe environment to work and play.


At the source where viruses and bacteria spread through the air we breathe. The Air 1.1 features HEPA-Carbon activated filtration with UV (A+C) light sanitization to inactivate pathogens, and decrease contamination while providing comfortable healthy LED light to illuminate the space. Chemical-free, the Air 1.1 works away quietly in the...


At the source where viruses and bacteria spreads in the air we breathe. The Air 2.0 HEPA-Carbon filter captures up to 99.97% of airborne microorganisms as small as 0.3µ while UVC provides additional support to inactivate microbes that pass through the sealed chamber. Triggered by an integral motion sensor, air sanitization is...


This air purification device of a stylish structure can be mounted in any room.  The quiet internal fan draws air from the positioned room zone into the germicidal box for disinfection and purification from microbes and chemical contaminants. The internal germicidal box contains two UV-C lamps housed in a mirror polished aluminium air...


The Cube is an air purification device that uses advanced cold-plasma technology to eliminate bacteria, mold, viruses, pollutants and odors, providing fresh air within indoor spaces, protecting against airborne microbial contamination.

 Air pollution directly affects the body's vital functions and our ability to feel good. Cube creates...


Jonix Steel is an air purification and decontamination device; utilizing advanced cold-plasma technology to eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses, pollutants and odours. 

 Air pollution directly affects the body's vital functions and ability to feel good. Steel creates the ideal conditions for the body, guaranteeing the improvement of the...


Jonix Minimate is a mobile air filtration and sanitization device. The biocidal activity and neutralization of pollutants takes place within a maximum of 60 minutes from starting the appliance. Continuous operation prevents the spread of contaminants generated during activities; it also generates the microclimate and comfort conducive to...


Safety with assurance; bringing the power of light & air to the places you work, live, and play.

By understanding your challenges we can design & provide next-generation disinfection solutions with proven UVC and NTP technologies for any scale. Talk to us today.




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