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Zivot Pure | ENTRY

Utilizing Far-UVC 222 light to sanitize clothing and personal belongings at the source of where viruses and bacteria can be transported into a building.


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An effective sanitization program should include multiple layers of protection. The Zivot Pure Entry provides the first line of defense in reducing microbes on clothing and personal belongings as people enter a space.  Equipped with Ultraviolet (Far-UVC) light, a narrow band of ultraviolet radiation proven to penetrate and inactivate 99% of air and surface microbes, providing chemical-free exterior sanitization for visitors, staff and customers along with the assurance that surface to surface spreading of contagion into the space has been managed effectively. Ideal for food manufacturing facilities, commercial kitchens, hotels corporate offices and any other high traffic buildings or spaces.

Why Far-UVC ?
Far-UVC 222 nm light is considered to be eye and skin safe for humans, allowing the lamps to be used in occupied areas safely with minimum risk. The 222 nm wavelength does not penetrate the cornea of the eye and cannot impose corneal impairment. Additionally, this UV band is blocked by the top layer of skin (stratum corneum) which protects underlying cells from damage. Exposure to far-UVC 222 nm Excimer lamp does not cause skin inflammation or swelling.
Excimer lamps have ZERO mercury, making them more environmentally friendly. Excimer lamps can be tuned to specific wavelengths (222nm wavelength for this product) and produce no harmful UVC radiation or wasteful visible light and infrared light.




  • Utilizes safe, Far-UVC technology that effectively inactivates >99% of bacteria and viruses without penetrating the skin and eyes
  • Equipped with (12) Far-UVC excimer lamps, optimized for human body coverage
  • 180 degree coverage
  • Automated operation via PIR motion sensor
  • LCD control board with remote control
  • Mercury free


Type: Far-UVC Excimer Lamps (20W)
Peak Wavelength: 222 nm
Average Operational Life: >3,000 to 10,000 hrs (Phone PBI Ultra on 03 359 0093 to order replacement modules)





Today, establishing an improved cleaning program is more important than ever. Locating the Zivot Pure Entry at the entrance of any high-traffic areas and spaces, such as corporate offices, retail environments, hospital and healthcare, supermarkets, airports and education facilities is an effective first step in reducing airborne and surface microbes. No electrical training is required for staff monitoring the use of the equipment. 


No general servicing required

Far-UVC light modules require replacement after approximately 3,000 - 10,000 hours of usage (Phone PBI Ultra on 03 357 0093 to order replacement light modules)





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