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Danish-made, self-driving robot that set the new standards for automated and secure disinfection using UVC light, for infection control at a clinical level for the global healthcare sector.


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The worlds first and only, fit-for-purpose, fully autonomous UVC disinfection robot.

Robots stands for UV Disinfection Robots. UVD Robots in Denmark know Hospital Acquired Infections and Robotics Technology. …In fact, they made the robot that set the new standards for automated and secure disinfection. Utilizing the effects of high intensity light sources to think disruptive robot technology in ways that improve work environment, patient safety levels and operational efficiency for customers.

UVD Robots philosophy is centred around integrating proven UV germicidal industrial solutions with new advanced robot technologies creating innovative products helping the healthcare industry in the eradication of harmful pathogens and superbugs, thereby making healthcare environments safer and improving quality of care for hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world.


Why the need?

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are a significant and increasing problem in the global healthcare sector, where each year millions of patients are infected and thousands of patients die due to infections acquired during hospitalization. Furthermore, the HAIs result in significant extra costs for hospitals, due to additional days spent in bed, readmissions and reduced operational efficiency.

The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated the danger of infection at every level of work, health, living and travel on a global scale that had not been experienced before, bringing RUV-Robots into a class of their own for disinfection of interior spaces, increasing hygiene by performing clinical level sanitization- which therefore reduces the risk of infection. 

The UVD Robot is used as part of the regular cleaning cycle and aims at preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, vira, bacteria, and other types of harmful organic microorganisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA-structure. The robot is safe, reliable and eliminates human error. Self-Driven with intelligent built in smarts, the UVD Robot improves workflow optimization, capable of producing reports, high quality inspection photos, hotspot id, detailed statistics and cleaning efficiency analysis.  Furthermore, it is user friendly and is designed to be operated by every-day cleaning staff. Detailed reporting and measurable efficacy makes the UVD Robot suitable for hospitals, ICU's, infection wards, operating theatres, surgeries and medical providers.

The UVD Robot has been clinically tested and verified at Odense University Hospital, Denmark, and by independant microbiological laboratories.


The worlds first and only, fit-for-purpose, fully autonomous UVC disinfection robot.
  • 99.99% of bacteria killed
  • 10 minute disinfection time
  • 360 degree disinfection coverage
  • Software and sensor based safety features, equipped with emergency button
  • Wifi based (wireless) and with native app
  • UV wavelength: 254nm (UVC light)





Battery charging time: 6 hours

Travels up to 5.4km/h

Operating time per charge: UV module 2-2.5 hours (equals 9-10 rooms)

Total weight: 140kg

Dimensions: L93cm, W66cm, H171cm


Ideal for Corporates, Public & Private Hospitals,  Airports, Retail, Venues, Hotels and Education. Improvements in workflow and efficiencies will provide return on initial investment.

Please contact PBI Ultra to discuss availability a demonstration, purchasing, or hire- and associated charges.




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