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Emits full spectrum UV light to spaces eliminating up to 99.9% of the bacteria, fungi, and viruses


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With the Sentry M1, protection from germs and viruses follows you.

The Sentry M1 is an affordable mobile UV disinfecting units designed for easy positioning and simple control. It emits broad spectrum UV light to eliminate up to 99.9% of the bacteria, viruses, and fungi in a space. In rooms that have been cleaned of mold, the unit will help control return growth if used routinely. 

The compact units have a Dual UV Light Engine in a lightweight, miniaturized design. Mounted on a tripod base, the M1 is easy  to carry up stairs, while the telescoping neck and adjustable UV head angle makes for easy positioning of spot treatments.



Broad Spectrum UV-C, UV-B, and UV-A Light to kill bacteria and viruses.
Lightweight, tripod base with  telescoping neck for easy positioning.
Simple single-cycle operation with occupancy detection for safety.
Single UV Light Engine with pulsed Xenon lamp for 170o coverage up to 144sf.
Warranty - 1 year.


Position the unit in the targeted cleaning area. It is recommended that you place the unit approximately 2 meters (~6 1/2 feet) or less away from the priority areas. Note that the unit can effectively kill pathogens up to 4 meters (~13 feet) away, but the length of time necessary to run the unit increases proportionately to the distance from targeted area.

Leverage reflective surfaces in your space, including standard glass, as the UV light will reflect off of these surfaces increasing their germ-killing effects. However, surfaces such as paint will absorb the photons, minimizing effects of the unit, so avoid placing the unit too close to walls in your area.

Adjust the height of the unit to optimize effects of the unit, minimizing any shadowed areas (unit can only kill germs where the light touches, either directly or by reflection). 

Plug in the unit, which runs at 120V AC and 60 Hz. Once powered on, at its peak, the unit will draw up to 14 amps for 4 second intervals. Ensure the breaker has available amp draw during operation.

While the unit is operational, all personnel should leave the room during the cleaning cycle. Exit the room within 60 seconds for optimal functioning of the unit. The unit is programmed to operate for 30 minutes per cycle. The unit’s redundant safety systems will stop the unit from operating if motion is detected in the space. The unit will resume operation approximately 60 seconds after room is unoccupied and no additional motion is detected.

The unit will run a safety test to ensure unit is functioning properly and that there is no motion detected in the space. If successful, unit will run its pre-programmed operational cycle.

Allow the unit to complete its entire cycle before unplugging the unit. This allows the unit to enter safe mode. If necessary to unplug the unit prior to completion of cleaning cycle, be sure to keep unit away from water for optimal safety.

Once the cycle is complete reposition the unit within the space, as necessary, to account for any shadowing that would have occured during the first cycle.
*It is recommended that after every 30-minute run that you allow the unit to cool down for a 15-minute period of time, in order to maximize the life expectancy of your Sentry M4 product.


No servicing required.

Bulbs are rated for 2+ million flashes. Units are programmed for 300 flashes every 30-minute cycle.
Operating life is dependent on frequency and duration of disinfection cycle;
1 hour per day - 9.1 years
2 hours per day - 4.6 years



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