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Environmentally friendly, chemical free air filtration and surface sanitization


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Jonix Mate is a mobile air filtration and sanitization device utilizing non-thermal plasma technology. The three filtering levels (G4+F7+H13) and the sanitization function ensure complete filtration of airborne dusts and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mould.

The biocidal activity and neutralization of pollutants takes place within a maximum of 60 minutes from starting the appliance. Continuous operation prevents the spread of contaminants generated during activities; it also generates the microclimate and comfort conducive to reducing work-related stress, protecting and promoting good work place health.

Ideal for environments where absolute filtration of suspended dust and bacterial decontamination in the air and on surfaces is required. The Mate does not use any chemical substance or generate harmful residual substances and is suited to medium to large sized commercial environments such as medical centres, health hubs, clinics, gyms, food manufacturing plants and classrooms for constant sanitization.

Tested and certified effective against Covid-19.




  • Remarkable versatility, the different fastening solutions means that the device can adapt to all environments
  • Mate filters and sanitizes the air and then re-introduces it back into the environment, in a continuous cycle
  • The biocidal action and neutralization of pollutants is measurable after the first few hours of use
  • Continuous operation of the device prevents the spreading of bacterial contamination generated during activities
  • Non-Thermal Plasma – (NTP) is currently considered by the scientific community to be the safest and most effective technology, because it does not use chemicals or high temperatures to carry out its disinfecting properties
  • Simple operation - managed by software that allows you to customize the operating cycles and controls all functions
  • With the application of an optional kit an external air intake can be connected to the cabinet to create a slight overpressure in the rooms that require it
  • Compact, mobile and silent
  • Available in three models, Minimate, Mate and Maximate suitable to different sized areas
Dimensions mm: 678 L x 700 P x 2035 H
Weight kg: 75
Maximum absorbed power (W): 800
Power supply: 230 V / ~ / 50 Hz
Air flow m3/h: 500 - 3000
Floor Area 1 Air Change (m2185-1111
Floor Area 2 Air Changes (m2) 92-555

Ideal for all medium to large sized commercial environments such as, schools, gyms, retail, hospitality, aged care facilities, food processing and packaging facilities.





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