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Sanitization of the inner surfaces of air distribution ducts, CMV, fan coil units and ATU


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Jonix Inside prevents the formation of chemical and biological contaminants (moulds, bacteria and legionella) on inner surfaces of distribution ducts and air treatment machines, and in the surrounding air.

Air contamination in air-conditioned environments can be caused by the bad maintenance of the aeraulic system from either the chemical contamination of build-up on instruments or the microbiological contamination caused by the proliferation of microorganisms: bacteria and viruses, mould and yeasts, for which the dust deposits are the ideal substrate for diffusion.

Jonix Inside devices provide the introduction of good air inside rooms and spaces. Sanitization is continuous, preventing dust deposit development of mould and bacteria. The compact and modular design is easy to install to new and existing systems. 

Tested and certified effective against Covid-19.

What is Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) Technology?

Non-thermal plasma is a physical phenomenon generated at room temperature. Plasma is an ionized gas made up of various electrically charged particles: ions, atoms, molecules of organic and chemical origin which, colliding with each other, produce oxidizing species.

Non-thermal plasma ionisation: the safest technology

There are various types of ionisers on the market, which differ according to the technology with which they produce ions. Non-thermal plasma technology (NTP) is currently considered by the scientific community to be the safest and most effective technology, because it does not use chemicals or high temperatures to carry out its disinfecting properties.

NTP technology generates reactive particles that carry electrical charges, among which the most important are reactive oxygen species, which concentrate on the surface of cell membranes causing their destruction. The non-thermal plasma ionisation therefore affects virus molecules, bacteria and mould making them inactive and breaks down all the other volatile polluting and harmful compounds into substances that are harmless to humans.

Do you need air purification in your home or workplace?

  • Do you and your family members get sick often? Especially in your respiratory tract?
  • Do you suffer from any allergies?
  • When you are at home, especially during the evening, do you have  difficulty breathing well?
  • Is there a bad smell in the house? Do these odours persist?
  • Are the spaces in your home small?
  • Do you live in a busy area or a bustling industrial complex?
  • Do any children or elderly live with you?
  • Are there any smokers amongst your family members or your most frequent visitors?
  • Does your home have any problems with humidity or mould? Even only in some specific rooms?
  • Does your home usually have a lot of people in it? (Adults or children?)



  • Compact, modular and easy to install
  • Designed to fit all plants, even existing ones
  •  Easily integrated both during the construction stage and in existing plants
  • In aeraulic ducts, they can be easily fixed to the wall (in horizontal or vertical position) and to the ceiling
  •  In system components, the housing should be agreed with the builder
  • Available in different models and sizes and can be dimensioned according to the air flow 

Dimensions mm: 290 L x 350 W x 200 H
Weight kg: 4
Air flow rate m 3 / h: 500

Available in different models and sizes and can be dimensioned according to the air flow - please enquire for further information







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