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Reduce the spread of infectious pathogens entering a space on footwear in just 8 seconds with the HealthySole.


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The HealthySole® Plus is the first independently, clinically tested UVC powered germicidal footwear decontamination device on the market today. For facilities concerned about transmission of pathogen through floors and footwear, HealthySole Plus must be part of the answer. High levels of contamination-causing pathogens enter buildings on the soles of footwear. In just 8-seconds, HealthySole Plus kills up to 99.9% of these dangerous organisms that otherwise lead to pathogen migration and room contamination. With its hospital-grade stainless steel construction, the HealthySole Plus is durable, easy-to-use, and adaptable to any infection-prevention process.

ETL/CETL and CE listed

Exposure Rates: With an Exposure Rate of 97+%, HealthySole® is shown to kill up to 99% of exposed deadly organisms on the bottom of shoes.

UVC light (ultraviolet C) is widely used in industrial, medical (hospitals), laboratory, and home applications. UVC germicidal light disrupts the DNA of infectious pathogens and microbes, killing them and/or destroying their ability to reproduce. UVC light is chemical free and does not create germ mutations or antibiotic-resistant super bugs. UVC germicidal light is a naturally occurring spectrum of light that is not visible to the human eye. UVC has been proven effective in killing viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores.

It is clinically proven that the bottoms of shoes carry millions of microorganisms on them at any given time, once these pathogens are carried into or within a healthcare facility, there is a 90-99% transfer rate of organisms from the bottom of shoes to the floor.

–  Shoe Study-Dr Charles Gerba Sheri Maxwell 2008

8 Second count-down on large digital display screen

Two shatter resistant, self-cleaning UVC bulbs that emit UVC 254 nanometer light

Stainless steel light shield to minimize glare

Patented UVMAX Top Plate designed for maximum UVC exposure to soles



Economical solution for infection control for all SME and large commercial operations,  food production, hospitality, offices, construction sites, education sector and healthcare. Quick and easy with 3-pin plug, no electrician required. Reduction of pathogens reduces risk of cross contamination from footwear. 




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