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Healthe | WANDPRO™

Teaming up with Boeing, the Healthe WandPRO was developed for the  portable sanitization of bacteria and viruses in hard-to-reach places


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The Healthe WandPRO developed in collaboration with Boeing is a portable UV sanitization wand that utilizes high intensity, Far-UVC light, to inactivate bacteria and viruses on high-touch surfaces. The compact size and ergonomic design make it especially effective for use in tight spaces and hard to reach areas while the chemical-free sanitizing system is designed to aerospace standards, providing safe sanitization for sensitive electrical equipment, including aircraft instruments and controls. 
WandPRO has been purpose built to fight air travel safety concerns, however is capable of much more, ideal for public transport vehicles, trains and buses, offices and retail showrooms.

Built upon 20 years of lighting science experience.

High intensity Far-UVC 222nm source coupled with a large distribution area minimizes cleaning time, for example an airplane cockpit can be sanitized in minutes.

The UVC 222 (high power 600W DC) light emitted kills up to 99.7% of viruses and bacteria within seconds.

Chemical-free sanitizing system is designed to aerospace standards for the sanitization of sensitive electrical equipment, including aircraft instruments and controls

Hand-held wand is connected to a mobile case via a flexible 3m hose delivering power and air to the wand handle.

Powered by a 120V DC battery pack that allows for four full cleaning cycles of small spaces such as an airplane cockpit.

Battery is easily removed from the case for charging.

Simple operation - (6) Pairs of LED indicators along the wand perimeter guide the user to an optimal 4 inch distance from the surface. LEDs flash quickly to indicate wand is ready for operation. When wand trigger is depressed LEDs flash every second to guide cleaning pace.

Self-contained case provides convenient storage between uses.

Area to be cleaned should be unoccupied and well-ventilated.

Made in USA and trade agreement act (TAA) compliant, it is a qualified solution for government projects. Certificates of origin available on request.




222 nm peak Wavelength
Excimer Lamp
Input Voltage 120VDC 2.5 Ah Rechargeable lithium-ion-battery pack
Power Consumption - 600W (DC)
Control - ON/OFF System power switch and ergonomic compression trigger for UVC 222 lamp operation
Indicators - Surface distance and pacing alignment system with (3) pars of red and green LEDS on each side of the wand handle.
Rugged wheeled case with retractable handle and front vinyl pocket for hose storage
Case Dimensions - 617 x 355 x 229mm
Wand - Ergonomic handle and housing made of high-temperature rated, impact-resistant polycarbonate material; 3m flexible hose
Wand Dimensions - 511 x 123 x 136mm
Weight - 14kg including case, battery and wand



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