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Healthe | ENTRY™

Utilizes Far-UVC 222 that sanitizes clothing and personal belongings at the source of where viruses and bacteria can be transported into a building.


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An effective sanitization program should include multiple layers of protection. The Entry provides the first line of defense in reducing microbes on clothing and personal belongings as people enter a space. The Entry utilizes Far-UVC light, a narrow band of ultraviolet radiation proven to penetrate and inactivate air and surface microbes. Unlike conventual UVC, Studies* indicate no harm to humans from continuous low dosages of 222 nanometer, far-UVC light. Yet the source effectively inactivates over 90% of contaminants, based on the intensity and brief exposure time described. 

Position the Entry next to any high traffic or critical entry point. Simply step into the Entry and make a slow 360° turn for 20 seconds to reduce the risk of transmission of surface bacteria, pathogens and spores from external sources entering the building, keeping people healthy while benefiting productivity and reducing sick leave.

Clean modern design in white with a satin chrome trim is unobtrusive and elegant-  totally freestanding, absolute minimal floorspace is required. 


In today’s global environment, we have experienced first-hand how our connectivity leads to the exponential growth rate of infectious disease. It is therefore an easy exercise to identify locations for entry sanitization in critical infrastructure, such as healthcare clinics, hospitals, medical, office buildings, assisted living communities,  retail, schools, day cares, prisons, and transportation hubs.


Infectious pathogens are transmitted through three environmental routes: air, surface contact, and water. Main pathogen migration routes into healthcare, corporate or public facilities are through infected patients bodies or germs riding on clothing or shoes. Pathogens are freely swirling about everywhere, and while mostly are managed by our bodies own defence systems, many pathogens will cause illness and harm. Depending on the type of organism, it can remain a threat for days, even up to months. Organisms can live on any surface and be spread through aerosolization, inhalation, and direct contact with a contaminated surface. These deadly pathogens migrate from room to room as with each step, and through ducted air systems, traveling freely into all locations.

  • Utilizes safe, Far-UVC technology that effectively inactivates >90% of bacteria and viruses without penetrating the skin and eyes
  • Equipped with (5) Far-UVC modules, optimized for human body coverage
  • With arms raised, a slow 360° turn with the Healthe® ENTRY frame reduces shadowing for more complete coverage. *Consult guide for more detailed instructions
  • Motion-controlled option via built-in motion sensor can help preserve longevity of Far-UVC module during periods of inactivity
  • Quick and easy installation in any workplace for entry sanitization 
  • Clean modern design is unobtrusive and elegant
  • Can be deployed as a free-standing structure or be bolted to the ground near any entrance or door with minimal floorspace required
  • Universal input voltage, 240V AC with power consumption of 60W, with standard 3-pin plug for NZ and AU power supply


Type: Far-UVC Emitter
Wavelength: 222 nm
Average Operational Life: >3,000 hrs (Phone PBI Ultra on 03 359 0093 to order replacement modules)

Input Voltage: 120-240V AC, SO Cord/Plug
Power Consumption: 60 W
Control Options: Constant On/Off / Motion-Controlled

Housing: Aluminum frame, steel base
Dimensions: mm (w x h x d) Exterior 1400 x 2100 x 300mm / Interior 900 x 1920 x 220mm
Mounting: Free-standing or bolt to ground




Today, establishing an  improved cleaning program is more important than every. Locating the Healthe Entry at the entrance of any high-traffic areas and spaces, such as corporate offices, retail environments, hospital and healthcare, supermarkets, airports and education facilities is an effective first step in reducing airborne and surface microbes.

May require people-flow management to ensure 100% compliance with fire and egress requirements, this is your responsibility. 

Includes motion-sensor option to conserve energy then not in use.

No electrical training is required for staff monitoring the use of the equipment. 

Contact PBI Ultra  to order replacement light modules.

No general servicing required

Far-UVC light modules require replacement after approximately 3,000 hours of usage (Phone PBI Ultra on 03 357 0093 to order replacement light modules)

3 Year Limited Warranty for Portal, 6 Month Limited Warranty for UVC Module




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