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Utilizing a combination of air filtration with UV (A+C) light to sanitize air, inactivate pathogens, and decrease contamination while providing comfortable healthy light to illuminate the space.


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At the source where viruses and bacteria spread through the air we breathe. The Air 1.1 features HEPA-Carbon activated filtration with UV (A+C) light sanitization to inactivate pathogens, and decrease contamination while providing comfortable healthy LED light to illuminate the space. Chemical-free, the Air 1.1 works away quietly in the background inactivating up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, providing care for people within the spaces they live, work and play.

Ultra efficient multi-stage air sanitization process that utilizes easy to replace HEPA- Carbon activated filtration with UV sanitization.

HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne pathogens while activated carbon reduces gases, odors and VOC from the air.
Three function modes controlled by manual or Bluetooth; Illumination Mode + Air Cleaning Normal Mode; Illumination Mode only (100% light output) or Air Cleaning Normal Mode Only
Choice of Healthe's GoodDay® 4000K/5000K suitable for daytime environments or GoodNight® 2700K or Standard 3000K ideal for evening applications.
Healthe Air ™ 1.1 provides 22cubic metres of sanitizing coverage and conducts four air changes per hour (50cfm) for a 3m x 3m x2.4m space.
Easily retrofit of any existing standard 610 x 1220mm luminaire to an air sanitizing LED luminaire in as little as 15 minutes- without breaching the plenum, keeping facility disruptions and installation cost at a minimum.

UV LED have four times the life expectancy without the safety concerns of hazardous material exposure or waste disposal in comparison to traditional mercury based bulbs.
For optimal sanitization performance, Healthe recommends replacing carbon/HEPA filter every 6 months and UV LED after every 2000 hours of use. 
Recessed Housing Kit (ACC-07010) can be purchased separately for installation due to incompatibility with existing troffer housing or in new construction settings.
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): GoodDay 5000K, 4000K, GoodNight 2700K, Standard White 3000K
Lumen Output: 3200 lm (Max.)
Color Rendering Index: 90 GoodDay 5000K, 4000K, Std 3000K, 80 GoodNight 2700K
Light Distribution: Lambertian
Filtration: HEPA-Carbon Activated Filter captures up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3µ
Air Flow Rate: 50 CFM/23CMM (Max.)
UV Sanitization: UV LED (A+C) Activated Photo-Catalytic Purification Process
UV LED Lifetime to L50:  >2,000 Hours
Power Consumption:
60 Watts @ Illumination Mode + Air Cleaning Normal Mode
36 Watts @ Illumination Mode only (100% light output)
24 Watts @ Air Cleaning Normal Mode Only
Input Voltage: 120–277 VAC
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Input AC Current (Max.): 0.95–0.4A
Control Protocol: Proprietary Bluetooth
Control 2 Options: Standard Wall Switch or Wireless Control Devices
Dimming Range: 5% to 100% via proprietary Bluetooth
Fan Speed Control: Speed controlled via proprietary Bluetooth
Housing: Sheet Metal
Dimensions: 610 x 1220 x 73mm (W x L x H)
Weight: 15.5kg
Finish: Powder-Coated White
Mounting:  Retrofit to Standard 2’ x 4’ Troffer Housing. A compatible Recessed Housing Kit (code: ACC-07010) available, sold separately
The primary goal in installing the Healthe AIR™ is air sanitization and the secondary benefit, general illumination. Any spacing criteria should therefore be dictated by the sanitization needs.
A single troffer is recommended in a 10ftx10ftx8ft room, where at maximum fan speed (50cfm) it will pull approximately 4 air changes per hour.
Using these volumetric guidelines for larger, open spaces or lobbies, Cleanse Troffers should be installed on 8-10ft centres for maximum sanitization. With retrofit applications, this spacing and quantity may not always be feasible, so selective placement in high traffic or vulnerable locations such as waiting rooms is recommended.

Perfect for all SME and large commercial operations, offices, hospitality, hotel, education sector and healthcare. Quick and easy to retrofit into standard suspended ceiling grid. Reduction of airborne pathogens reduces sick and leave days taken by staff and students therefore decreasing staffing costs; particularly during the winter months. 

For optimal sanitization performance, Healthe recommends replacing carbon/HEPA filter every 6 months and UV LED after 2000 hours of usage 


Part Number/ Product Description
ACC-07010: 2x4 Recessed Housing
ACC-07006: HEPA/Charcoal Filter Replacement (Recommended every 6 months)
ACC-07003: UV(A+C) LED Module Replacement (Recommended 6 to 12 months depending on usage*)

To order replacement accessories, please contact PBI Ultra on 03 357 0093



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