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Dirty hand rails transmitting germs, viruses and bacteria are a thing of the past with the WeClean Smart escalator cleaning and sterilization system


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Escalator handles are susceptible to various infectious diseases and bacterial infections. Weclean provides a continuous cleaning system incorporating both cleaning and sterilization to remove germs, viruses, and bacteria from moving handrails. The 3-stage non-powered washing roller works together with the eco-friendly deodorization liquid and the ultra-violet (UV) lamp to kill 99.9% of contaminants and pathogens creating cleaner, healthier environments.

Diagram Weclean 123

Sterilization & Cleaning:
1st step- 99.99% removal using the sterilization liquid.

2nd step – 3 stage cleaning rollers rotating along the handrail to remove dirt particles. 

3rd step- UV LED to kill remaining bacteria and dry the surface of the handrails.

Efficient Management:
Quick A/S check by monitoring Real time - using Web functions and Apps. Adjustable height that enables it to be installed on all brands of escalators. Built in Motion sensor which ensures it only works when the escalator is working.

Visual communication:
Built in 7” LCD monitor with a resolution of 800x480 to communicate with customers. Monitor also indicates that the sterilization and cleaning is in progress. The screen also shows the moving direction of the escalator with audio announcement

Safety and Convenience:
Noise free operation. Easy removal and attachment for maintenance. Prevents accidents such as malfunctioning and jams that might cause delay.

7-inch LCD monitor to promote marketing: Advertise your own product on the monitor. 

Automatic operation with motion sensor. Notification service for escalator reverse.

Temperature sensor measurement to prevent internal overheating. Automatic cooler operation.

Counting passenger system: Check the number of people passing through motion recognition sensors.

Triple cleaning rollers without electricity: Any foreign materials can be removed. No scratch left on handrail. Automatic design with motion sensor.

Self generating / self-charging battery without power supply and electricity

Eco-friendly sterilization, deodorization liquid

Powerful Ultraviolet (UVC) 235.7nm lamp eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Weclean technical

Weclean technical side-1


Effective for infection control on escalator handrails for all commercial environments such as retailers, public buildings, airports & transport hubs, commercial operations, hospitality, hotels, hospitals, offices, education/sports/entertainment facilities, and healthcare. Retrofitted installation with no mechanical adjustments or adaptations to the escalator itself. Continual cleaning & sterilization of pathogens on the surfaces of high-touch handrails reduces risk of cross contamination from constant human contact.


Consumables; C1 is the only authorized cleaning fluid for use with Escalator WeClean.  Roller Brushes and fluid, please contact PBI Ultra for supplies. 

UVC LED Light Module;  required to be replaced every 10,000 hours for optimum irradiation and sanitizing.  Contact us. 




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