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Ensures that every user stepping on to the escalator always has a clean, sanitized handrail to hold


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Wary of touching the moving handrails on escalators?

Contaminated handrails on automated walkways or escalators is a thing of the past!  The Ultra Escalator Sanitizer by ClearWin provides continuous sterilization of moving handrails. Utilizing powerful Ultra Violet (UVC) light to effectively sanitize all surface bacteria, germs and viruses without the use of chemicals. 

The simple structure uses the rotational force of the handrail itself to generate electric power to operate the UVC germicidal lighting technology, so no electrical installation or connection is required. 

Assure your staff, customers and visitors that handrails are constantly clean, protecting them from harmful viruses, while ensuring that people are much safer when they by confidently hold the handrail while using the escalator.

The Ultra can be installed anywhere where there are moving escalators and walkways such as shopping malls, department stores, hospitals, corporate offices, airports, substations, hotels, sports venues and entertainment centres. 

High quality, simple and effective, made in South Korea and installed in premium International Airports and complexes around the globe. 

Check the video here.


  • Main body is fixed to the balustrade of the escalator or walkway using industrial strength adhesive- no fixing bolts are required
  • Torsion spring ensures constant pressure on the moving handrail, engaging the dynamo to create electricity needed for the UVC lights. 
  • Rear roller and the handrails rotational force, generate power for the device. No external electrical connection is required.
  • Electric power is produced by the dynamo from the rotation of the handrail, to power the UVC germicidal lamps and the external indicator light.
  • The ULTRA does not use any chemicals, disinfectants, or leave any residues- just the powerful LED UVC lamps to zap all surface pathogens and bacteria.

Simple black and white design can be customized with your company details for quantities over 12 units.

Device is composed of a simple design outer cover, housing, powerful UVC lamps, and generator for power supply.

LED lights have 10,000 hours of germicidal lamp life.

Economical solution for infection control on handrails for all retailers, public buildings, airports & transport hubs, SME and large commercial operations, hospitality, hotels, hospitals, offices, education/sports/entertainment facilities, and healthcare. Quick and easy installation with no electrician required. Sterilization of pathogens on the surfaces of handrails reduces risk of cross contamination from constant human contact.

Please contact us for replacement UVC lamp modules, this is required to be replaced every 10,000 hours for optimum irradiation and sanitizing.   

The dynamo motor lifespan is around 4 -5 years, when the silicone assembly unit is replaced every 1 to 2 years.




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