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Anti-bacterial vapourised  'disinfecting fog' spreads to fill an entire space in every direction effectively killing fungi, germs, viruses, and dust mites, while eliminating odors too



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The ideal way to sanitize your space and kill bacteria, germs and viruses in both residential and commercial settings. Perfect for vehicles and camper vans as the fog has the ability to get into all of those hard to reach places along with halls, homes, businesses, hospitals, healthcare, rest homes, retail showrooms, waiting rooms and reception areas.

Wiping with rags or sponges which can actually contribute to cross-contamination by spreading germs from surface to surface. The fogging disinfectant does not need to be wiped off after treatment like traditional toxic disinfectants, as it safely breaks down leaving know residue at all.

Lightweight and portable (mains powered) and designed especially to be used with the FLD-05 solution.

The fine particle size combined with the unique natural disinfectant is an extremely effective and safe indoor anti-microbial fog system - far more so than ULV or cold-fogging can provide with particles larger than 20 microns in most cases.

Light weight
Easy operation
Quick - fills a space of approx 3000 cubic feet in 1 minute

Input Voltage AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz 3.5A
Rated Power 800W
Warm-up Time 2 minutes (approx.)
Fluid Consumption 10 ml / min
Output 3,000 cu.ft. / per min
Fluid Tank Capacity 0.8 L
Compatible fluid Air Guard FLD-05
Ambient temp. range 0 - 40 deg C 
Control Manual, Wireless
Dimension L315 W128 H218 mm
Weight 3.8 KG

Usage - To disinfect a car, simply turn the air conditioner to recycle, place the fogger unit on the floor of the vehicle and close the door. Using your remote control push start and allow the vehicle to fill with fog with for 30 seconds before pushing stop. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes for the fog to circulate and cover the space to disinfect.
If you use your car for personal use, disinfection can be effective for up to 2 weeks. While a car used more frequently for business should ideally be disinfected each day.

  • RRP NZ$749.00+gst (delivered)
  • RRP AU$805.00+gst (delivered)

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