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Transport Providers


Whether it is taxi, bus or rental cars, all transport providers have busy, high traffic, high touch point environments where passengers either sit in close proximity of one another or the turn-around time between customers is incredibly fast paced.

It is often challenging to keep surfaces and equipment properly clean and sanitized in these forever moving environments, where the personal hygiene and health of passengers or customers is unknown. The transmission of pathogens that can spread unwanted illnesses or outbreak is increased. Downtime lost to staff sickness during flu season alone, leads to significant losses for businesses.

In today’s world, people are more conscious than ever about the spread of germs and viruses and consider hygiene to be of top priority. 


PBI Ultra’s extensive product portfolio combines everyday cleaning with ultra-violet light products. UV disinfection has been proven to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including, E.coli, Salmonella and Norovirus and is the new benchmark in post-covid cleaning.

Installation of Cleanse Portal at entrance-points of bus terminals and train stations will ensure that contaminants on a person’s skin or clothing is sterilized at point of entry.

The Airguard Vaporizing Fogger is ideal for disinfecting vehicles, buses, and camper-vans in a flash. As it takes just five minutes to effectively kill germs and bacteria throughout the entire vehicle space, the fogger is ideal even in the busiest of transport environments for reducing the spread of germs and viruses.

High traffic areas such as reception, bathrooms and lobbies would benefit from Cleanse Downlights which are safe for human exposure and constantly sanitize pathogens in the air and on surfaces of continually moving environments such as public hubs and terminals.

Upper-Air sanitization units or UVC and HEPA filters operating quietly in the background cleansing the air of pathogens and reducing the risk of airborne contamination. These units are effective in both small and large spaces.

Finally, at the end of each day facilities can be cleansed using mobile disinfection units. The UVD Robot is the ultimate space clean for large establishments, automating the workflow process and removing human error while the mobile units are perfect for smaller spaces such as the offices and waiting areas of taxi or rental car businesses.

Create a healthy environment for staff and customers, reduce harmful pathogens and potential outbreaks, Increase productivity and future-proof your business.




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