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Supermarket & Retail


Everybody visits the shops, and everyone regularly stocks the pantry from the supermarket or produce market. We all like to know and manage the origin of food and where our food is processed- but do we have any idea or control where shoppers are coming from? How is food and product being handled in the logistics chain? The very nature of food and retail - touch, feel, hear, smell and taste- makes the perfect storm for spread of contamination by passing contagions via air or surface transfer.

Protecting customers and employees from pathogens, germs and viruses in retail environments such as supermarkets, department stores and shopping malls can be challenging due to nature of business being high-traffic and high-touch point.

With the personal hygiene, health and last visited places of shoppers being unknown, along with tracing of supply lines, employees and sales reps,  it can be challenging to clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces and spaces in-between the continual flow of people in a busy retail environment. Traditional cleaning methods are often not sufficient and can contribute to cross contamination. 


Protect customers and staff with the germ-killing power of ultraviolet light. Proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including E.coli, Salmonella and Norovirus, UV disinfection is the new benchmark in post-covid cleaning. PBI Ultra’s extensive product portfolio combines both mobile units and installed fixtures, providing continuous air and surface disinfection solutions right across the stores that does not interrupt work-flows.

Installation of Cleanse Portal at the entrance-point of supermarkets and malls will ensure that contaminants on a person’s skin or clothing is sterilized at point of entry.

Frequently touched and high traffic areas such as customer services areas, checkouts and counters would benefit from Cleanse Downlights which constantly sanitize pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Upper-Air sanitization units or UVC and HEPA filters can always function even when a room is occupied, these units reduce the risk of airborne contamination and are effective across the store.

UV Escalator sanitizing units will continually cleanse and disinfect moving hand rails and escalators throughout malls. 

Finally, at the end of each day spaces can be deep cleansed using mobile disinfection units. The UVD Robot is the ultimate space clean for large supermarkets and malls automating the workflow process and removing human error.

Lead the way in ensuring your business, customers and staff are safe by reducing the number of viruses and harmful pathogens in the building. 

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