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In any type of space, people are at risk from the harmful effects of various microorganisms that can cause infections and illnesses. These microorganisms are resilient, easy to spread, and can survive on surfaces for hours, weeks, and even months. However, in certain environments, particularly laboratories, the risks can be even greater. Laboratory workers can be subjected to highly infectious agents in the course of their work, but also the products produced in formulation or extraction labs can be contaminated, causing risks for consumers.

In addition to the risks to the health and wellness of employees and consumers, laboratories not maintaining clean, controlled environments can create major operational and financial risks, such as product recalls, regulatory observations, fines, or other negative outcomes that may be detrimental to their business


Add a layer of protection with the germ-killing power of ultraviolet light. UV disinfection has been proven to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including, E.coli, Salmonella and Norovirus and is the new bench-mark in post-covid cleaning. PBI Ultra’s extensive product portfolio combines both mobile units and installed fixtures, providing continuous air and surface disinfecting solutions with the ability to reach all surfaces that traditional cleaning methods cannot.

Installation of Cleanse Portal at entrance-points of buildings will ensure that contaminants on a person’s skin or clothing is sterilized at point of entry.

Frequently touched areas such as workstations, counters, microscopes, sinks and bathrooms, would benefit from Cleanse Downlights which are safe for human exposure and constantly sanitize pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Upper-Air sanitization units or UVC and HEPA filters can continually operate, these units reduce the risk of airborne contamination and are effective in both small and large spaces.

After hours, facilities can be quickly and effectively deep cleansed using mobile disinfection units. The UVD Robot is the ultimate space clean for large establishments, automating the workflow process and removing human error while the mobile units are perfect for smaller spaces such as the offices and waiting areas.

All products are designed to be used as part of the regular cleaning cycle aimed at preventing the transmission of harmful microorganisms, both known and unknown, which may threaten the health of staff and/or the quality of the products that ultimately impact the health and wellness of consumers.

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