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With uncontrolled environments with unknown visitors such as Open Homes by real estate agents, the personal hygiene and health of visitors and clients and entering the buildings is unknown, nor is it easily determined where they have recently visited which could harbor harmful pathogens.

It can be challenging to clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces and spaces in-between a flow of traffic. particularly when families and children are involved. Harmful pathogens that can spread illnesses and outbreaks among people are in the air we breathe, the air that others have just exhaled, also found on common surfaces, including counters, seats, desks and sinks; with traditional cleaning methods often not sufficient and can contribute to cross contamination.

In today’s world, people are more conscious than ever about the spread of germs and viruses and consider hygiene to be of top priority, particularly in the inner sanctum of our own homes. 


For the health and protection of the vendor, sales agent and potential buyers, we recommend that any house for sale on the market has a portable, discreet air & surface purification devices; this specialist equipment that uses an advanced technology including UVC which will eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses, pollutants and odours. Air pollution directly affects the body's vital functions and our ability to stay healthy. 

This latest air-filtration and sanitization technology creates the ideal conditions for the body, guaranteeing better general health: it provides relief in case of breathing difficulties in asthmatic and allergic people, optimizing their respiratory functions; it improves the vital functions and increases the absorption of oxygen by the body.

Protects against airborne microbial contaminations in your home, or any area where there are a lot of people and in crowded rooms, with the action of the sanitized air treating surfaces and sanitizing these as well in as little as 8 hours. 

Make your clients and potential purchasers feel more comfortable and safe during the house selling process. Prevent the transmission of germs and viruses with the germ-killing power of ultra-violet light. UV disinfection has been proven to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including, E.coli, Salmonella and Norovirus and is the new benchmark in post-covid cleaning. 

Talk to us about PBI Ultra’s extensive product portfolio combines both mobile units and installed fixtures, providing continuous air and surface disinfecting solutions with the ability to reach all surfaces that traditional cleaning methods cannot.

For larger multi-residential units such as apartment buildings, blue-chip homes or for VIP clients, installation of Cleanse Portal at the entrance-points of buildings will ensure that contaminants on a person’s skin or clothing is sterilized at point of entry, which after entry the air is sanitized for best risk management of contagion transmission.  Additionally, the UVD robot or mobile units could be utilized between appointments to ensure complete and immediate disinfection for peace of mind. 


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