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Hospital & Healthcare


Whether you operate a hospital, surgical centre, healthcare clinic or any other medical facility, reducing healthcare associated infections is a top priority. Outbreaks of various diseases have been traced back to varying sources, including transmission of  contagion on blood pressure cuffs, computer keyboards, thermometers and even sink of a patient in a single room. Healthcare workers are also likely to encounter these contaminated surfaces which increases the risks of transmitting bacteria or viruses to others.

Numerous studies have researched the effectiveness of traditional cleaning methods and found them to be lacking for various reasons. A study by Carling et al. examined patient rooms after routine cleaning and found only 47% of the surfaces had properly been cleaned. Reasons for these findings have been linked with time pressure on staff to turnover rooms, training issues, and high turnover rate. With Australia and New Zealand having almost double and quadruple respectively the rates of HAI's compared with USA and Europe (Hospital Acquired Infections) it is time to clinically improve disinfection. 


Research has proven that incorporating the power of ultraviolet light into cleaning protocols can reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections by 30% or more. UVC technology has been proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs, including Norovirus, MRSA, C. auris, C. diff, SARS, MERSand more.

PBI Ultra’s extensive product portfolio combines both mobile units and installed fixtures providing continuous air and surface disinfection solutions with the ability to reach all surfaces that traditional cleaning methods cannot, disinfecting on demand to improve patient outcome, meet infection control standards and save your operation valuable time and money.

UVC systems are relatively fast and easy to use, leave no chemical residues and do not expose workers to harmful substances.

Operating theatres, consulting rooms, reception areas, sterile rooms, laboratories and wards all benefit from UVC light disinfection, which with smart application methodology will reduce contamination, reducing HAI's and superbug outbreaks. Correct solutions and cleaning methodology can be used to ensure clinical, guaranteed validation that our process worked.

High traffic, high risk and frequently touched areas require automated solutions to constantly sanitize pathogens in the air and on surfaces, utilizing powerful installed UVC systems which automatically activate and disinfect the room once it is vacated (or on demand), using smart-sensor technology or BACNET connectivity.

Frequently touched and high traffic areas such as corridors, lifts & stairways, reception areas, waiting rooms, bathrooms and above dining areas would benefit from Cleanse Downlights which are safe for human exposure and constantly sanitize pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Clean, sanitized air is essential for good health. Upper-Air sanitization units with UVC and HEPA filters can continually operate in occupied rooms, these units reduce the risk of airborne contamination and are effective in waiting rooms, consultation rooms or patient rooms.(see also HVAC)

Visitors bring an unknown element of contagion risk into healthcare facilities. To reduce the risk, Cleanse Portal or Tower Tunnel can be installed at the entrance-points will ensure that contaminants on a person’s skin or clothing is sterilized at point of entry.

Latest technology from Denmark means facilities can be cleansed using mobile disinfection units. The UVD Robot is the ultimate space clean for large establishments, automating the workflow process and removing human error- while producing clinical reports that the process was completed correctly. 

Talk to PBI about how we can provide a safer, healthier environment and reassure patients, customers and staff alike that their health is of top priority.

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