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Assisted & Senior Living


While housing our most vulnerable population, senior living, hospital level care and memory-care communities and rest homes are often at the highest risk when it comes to exposure to air and surface contaminants which can quickly and easily spread germs, viruses and bacteria.  These communities look to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment while protecting the health and wellness of both elderly residents and staff, while providing ongoing infection control with family and friends who may be visiting. This can pose additional challenges when many residents are diagnosed with preexisting or chronic medical conditions. Infectious agents can trigger spreads of unwanted illnesses that may prove catastrophic for both residents and staff members.  

The task becomes more difficult when balancing safety and health against budgeting and cost.  These facilities continue to seek safe and effective ways to keep residents, staff and the environment they live and work in clean and healthy. 

Elderly patients are likely at a higher risk for contracting harmful superbugs due to a history of taking antibiotics, in combination with a weakened immune system. Trips to the hospital or stays in long term care facilities can result in contracting other infections. It can also spread to nurses, other residents or visitors before they show any signs of the infection. 


With properly designed UVC disinfection, harmful pathogens and germs are greatly reduced and can usually result in a reduction of frequency and intensity of manual cleaning processes, and more importantly decrease of all illnesses and virusus amongst residents and staff, particularly over the winter months. Completely chemical free and without any residues, UVC light is natures own way of cleaning. 

Installation of Cleanse Portal will reduce the risk of external transmission of staff, visitors and patients entering the care facility , to ensure that contaminants on a persons skin, hands and clothing is sterilized at point of entry.

Resident's rooms will benefit from the protection of UVC cleansing with versatile Mobile disinfection units which can be moved from room to room, zapping all bacteria & pathogens as a thorough sanitize process, particularly during guest changeovers. The UVD Robot is the ultimate room clean for large establishments, automating the workflow process and removing human error. 

High traffic and frequently touched areas such as receptions, counters, consulting rooms, sinks and bathrooms, would benefit from Cleanse Downlight which are safe for human exposure to constantly sanitize pathogens in the air and on surfaces, or alternatively install powerful UVC systems which automatically activate and disinfect the room once it is vacated, using smart-sensor technology or BACNET connectivity.

For bathroom, exercise and gym areas, using the same powerful UVC lights which activate whenever the room is empty- or after hours-  ensure better control of contaminants while reducing the intensity and frequency requirements of manual cleaning. 

As Upper-Air sanitization units can function at all times even when a room is occupied this reduces the risk of airborne contamination and therefore effective for foyers, lobby areas or spaces with atrium's.

Finally, constant air-filtration and purification using UVC and HEPA filters ensure offices, rooms and spaces are safe for visitors and employees. 

Companies who are specialists in assisted living and senior care will find client satisfaction will increase when they demonstrate that disinfection is of utmost importance for the care and well-being of residents, staff and family alike. 

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