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Building Design Integration


Architects play a critical role in shaping the qualities of our environment; they work in collaboration with end users and their needs and ambitions, and they have the power to restore and promote solidarity, mental and physical health and be a source of happiness for the lifecycle of the building. Architects and engineers are now expected to design buildings with a focus on the impact they have on the wellbeing of the people that live or work in them, and finding ways to create spaces which make people feel better when they inhabit them. 

Sustainability, energy efficiency, lighter environmental footprint, detoxification of building materials, future-proofing, connecting to nature and wellbeing are all important design factors for any built project. In today’s world, people are more conscious than ever about the spread of germs and viruses and consider hygiene to be of top priority.

Buildings without effective controls to reduce pathogens have higher numbers of staff sickness affecting productivity, leading to significant losses for businesses while also being shut down during pandemics. Architects must be able to find solutions to best protect and future-proof new commercial builds from pathogens that can spread harmful illnesses and outbreaks among people.

How to achieve this healthy objective, without the anti-social division of rooms and spaces, and use of harmful chemicals and cleaners?


Careful design and integration of UVC light modules into the interior environment is a new concept in building design, but given the simplicity and efficacy of UVC light disinfection, is likely to become a standard design specification into the future. Discreet and brilliantly designed, we can prevent the transmission of germs and viruses in our home & work environments with the germ-killing power of ultra-violet light. UVC disinfection has been proven to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including, E.coli, Salmonella, Coronavirus and Norovirus and is the new bench-mark in post-covid cleaning. 

PBI Ultra’s extensive product portfolio of installed fixtures uses the very latest in innovation and technology. Exclusive products prove safe, continuous air and surface disinfecting solutions with the ability to reach all surfaces that traditional cleaning methods cannot without disrupting work flows.

Installation of Cleanse Portal or the Cleanse Tunnel at the entrance-points of large, high traffic buildings will ensure that contaminants on a person’s skin or clothing is sterilized at point of entry.

Frequently touched and high traffic areas such as reception counters, waiting rooms, client desks and bathrooms, would benefit from Cleanse Downlights which are safe for human exposure and constantly sanitize pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Alternatively install powerful UVC systems which automatically activate and disinfect the room once it is vacated, using smart-sensor technology or BACNET connectivity.

Upper-Air sanitization units or UVC and HEPA filters can continually operate, these units reduce the risk of airborne contamination and are effective in both small and large spaces such as lobbies, open work spaces and lounges. With the use of latest UVC and NTP technology for ducted systems, we will work in collaboration with HVAC experts to ensure that pure, sanitized air is delivered and constantly maintained.

UV Escalator sanitizing units will continually cleanse and disinfect moving hand rails and escalators throughout malls, airports, commercial office buildings and apartment complexes.

Talk to PBI UItra about how we can help with specification, so you can create a healthy environment for your clients by reducing harmful pathogens and potential outbreaks, increasing productivity and future-proof building projects with utilizing the power of ultra-violet light.


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